La Falla Immaterial is an initiative for the popularization of science led by the School of Engineering at the University of Valencia. The project aims to put together local tradition and the new developments in engineering and data science.

The Qubit project deals with quantum computing in a fun way and invites you to live a quantum Fallas. Take part by tagging photos on your social networks with #fallaimmaterial.

Qubit is an interactive art installation that invites you to experiment with the two physical phenomena behind quantum computing, namely: superposition and entanglement.

The installation is located in the cloister of the La Nau Cultural Center of the Universitat de València and can be visited from February 20 to March 20, 2019.

La Nau Cultural Center: Carrer de la Universitat, 2 València
What is this project about?
La Falla Immaterial aims to increase cientific culture using local festivals and festive culture as a transmission channel.
How can I participate in the project?
Explore the 3D qbuit of this web page and take part by tagging photos on your social networks with #fallaimmaterial. Visit the interactive art installation at La Nau Cultural Center of the University of Valencia and live a quantum experience.
How can I know more about quantum computing?
Come to our Science Bar on computation and quantum mechanics that we will organize on March 12 (7pm) at Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània. Listen to our special radio show on quantum computing: A Ciencia Cierta on CV Radio (podcast or live the week of Fallas).
Which science and technology is behind La Falla Immaterial?
La Falla Immaterial uses data analysis algorithms to automatically gather and process data from social networks. The know-how comes from the degrees in Computer, Multimedia and Data Science from the School of Engineering, located at the Burjassot-Paterna Campus of the University of Valencia.
What is this project’s privacy policy?
La Falla Immaterial is anonymous, no fees or obligations will be required and it will never contact you. La Falla Immaterial just processes those messages that have been publicly shared with the project through social networks or by using this website. This information will not be shared with third parties and its use will be restricted to the scientific scope of the project. Everybody has the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the process of information that concerns them by sending an e-mail to dades@fallaimmaterial.com. Here you can find the general Terms of Use and Data Policy of La Falla Immaterial.
Why La Falla?
The Fallas Festivity is a kaleidoscope of tradition and culture that projects València around the world. La Falla Immaterial only seeks to be a humble mirror in this marvelous artifact which everybody can play and have some fun with. La Falla Immaterial is in no way meant to supersede any aspect of the local festivity nor to replace its key players:comissions, artists, falleres and fallers.
Why Immaterial?
UNESCO describes the Intangible Cultural Heritage as traditional, contemporary, living, inclusive, representative and community-based. La Falla Immaterial is just another example of an initiative that can be depicted using these terms.
What characterizes La Falla Immaterial?
La Falla Immaterial is collaborative, experimental, collective, peripheral, universal, ubiquitous, accessible, diverse, anonymous, ecological, participative, generative, open, dynamic, pioneering, innovative, disruptive, artificial, intelligent, technological, autonomous, reactive, communicative, proactive, social, virtual and inclusive.
What values does La Falla Immaterial want to promote?
La Falla Immaterial is aligned with the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach that is included in the European Framework Programmes funded by the European Comission. Thus, it promotes universal values such as: tradition, tolerance, diversity, transparency, ecology, equality... La Falla Immaterial does not demand exclusivity nor it defends a monolithic way of thinking. Quite the contrary, La Falla Immaterial is inclusive and multifaceted
Who is behind La Falla Immaterial?
The team in charge of the development of La Falla Immaterial is made up of the following members:
Francisco Grimaldo (lead investigator); Emilia López and Emilio Soria (project management and data analysis); Daniel García (web programming); David Ibáñez (theoretical physics); Alejandro Casasús (graphic design).